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In Pembrokeshire

My blog posts from our travels will not be chronological. I’m going through my journal in a random way looking for the things I want to write about, and today I came upon a passage about our trip to Wales, … Continue reading

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From The Far Side of the Ocean

Our lodging is the attic room of an apartment in Oxford, a room we know well, having stayed here several times before. There is a low slanted ceiling, a narrow window overlooking streets and back yards, a few quirky little … Continue reading

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On An Airplane

I don’t know what day it is. The light has shifted from purple to blue, and young men in gray vests are wheeling carts through the narrow aisles that suddenly smell vaguely of breakfast. I do not know if I’ve … Continue reading

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A Palmier Moment

Picture a window in a fourth floor apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a tall narrow window that opens like a door to a ledge bound by a wrought iron rail. The ledge is almost a balcony, and I … Continue reading

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Preparing For Our Journey

I don’t know if I ever cherish home quite as much as I do the last few days before leaving for a big trip, unless maybe it’s the way I cherish it when we return. But right now we’re in … Continue reading

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The Tragedy and Travesty

We wake up to news about hurricanes of historical proportion, a terrible earthquake in Mexico, and the ramifications of North Korea’s nuclear missile tests.  Young immigrants who were brought here by their parents and have never known life elsewhere are … Continue reading

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Walking Home

And who is that woman picking up feathers and broken bits of abalone shells and the thoughtlessly tossed plastic bottles that she will carry to the proper bin, futile though it is, annoyed and trying not to touch the mouths? … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

In the night we keep the windows open, and I can hear a train chuffing along, preceded by a ruckus of coyotes, and I’m hot and sweaty, my head filled with words and no sense. I wish I could either … Continue reading

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It was a last-minute invitation, and I said yes. My friend Linette and her sister Luanne were driving up to Oregon to see the total eclipse. There would be one overnight stop in Gilroy, where Linette’s sister-in-law lives, onward to … Continue reading

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Altering Course

Last week, a road runner came to visit. He sauntered about the deck, with now and then a little burst of flight, landing on the table, and an overturned chair, and the stucco wall that overlooks the orchard. He was … Continue reading

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