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I started the blog portion of this website in 2007. It was April, a good time for beginnings. Bees were buzzing in the orchard, the hills were tinged with yellow mustard, and the world felt new again. I had been thinking about creating a blog for quite some time. I hoped it could be a more fluid and potentially interactive version of my website, Zacate Canyon. I struggled with the title, which assumed disproportionate significance. On some days, Trying Not to Cry would have suited me best, but I settled on Still Amazed simply because, despite everything, I am.

The blog, like me, is inconsistent and erratic but follows a fundamental thread. And sometimes it goes dormant, as do I, but so far it has always managed to bounce back. I see it as a place to share stories, memories, and thoughts on writing, teaching, and life, a place to discover those little sparks that somehow connect us.

I’m based at a ranch in rural California, but you may find reminiscences here of growing up in Brooklyn and on Long Island, as well as fond recollections of fat-tire bike adventures, a bit of local history, and maybe the occasional rant, though mostly I seek reasons to be hopeful. I’d like to showcase people who are doing great things, share ideas and experiences from my years of teaching and learning, give poetry and writing its appropriate place of honor, and invite your questions and feedback.

In other words, this weblog is a work in progress, as I suppose they all are, and I don’t know how it will evolve…but there’s a light in the window and I hope you’ll stop by.

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Linger awhile…

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