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Rainy Days

The rain has come in earnest. The exhilarated creek is rushing through the canyon, the hills are wet and green, the roads are muddy and now and then impassable. It’s surprisingly noisy…a continual dripping and drumming, the roar of streams and waterfalls, … Continue reading

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‘Tis A Season

My father-in-law at ninety sits in his La-Z-Boy playing rousing music on his iPad, a newfangled device he has grown fond of. It’s vintage Czechoslovakian polka music, he says, and it makes him happy, so it becomes the soundtrack for the … Continue reading

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The Immensity

I have often felt there is a lack of ceremony in my life, that rites of passage to mark transitions are missing. Difficult events exert their crushing weight without the emotional release some kind of ritual might have provided, and the … Continue reading

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The Living Stories Collective

It’s time for me to tell you about my other website, an ongoing labor of love created for the gathering and archiving of stories and memories through personal interviews. I hope you will visit and explore it at your leisure. Here … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Sky Horses Go Unwritten

Maybe this post is for teachers. Or maybe it’s for someone out there who now and then feels the urge to write, even if just a few scribbled words in a journal.  All I want to say about it is … Continue reading

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Getting There

As the title says, we’re getting there! It’s a book, and that’s the cover (designed by Kam Jacoby), and it’s almost ready. Think of it as notes from a journey, a field guide of memories and meditations, a road trip … Continue reading

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If There Be Any Virtue

Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think … Continue reading

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Continuing in That Train of Thought…

A few days ago I randomly started looking through some old photographs, literary magazines, and various other things related to my years as a teacher at Vista de las Cruces School in Gaviota. I wonder sometimes what to do with … Continue reading

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How Writers Grow

Here is what a sixth grade student once wrote to me on a torn-off sheet of notebook paper: When I was younger, I wrote a poem. The poem was very good for how young it was. I remember it was … Continue reading

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I Will Wave From the Shore Blowing Kisses

I just finished my three-month substitute teaching job, a brief foray back into Middle School World. It had been two years since I retired, and I had gotten very spoiled in my life as a free wheeling free-lancer. Monte helped me with my decision. … Continue reading

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