Don’t Feed Into the Cynicism

Yesterday I was feeling especially demoralized about…shall we say, the political situation?…no need for details here. I was ranting about the frustration and futility of it all, feeling terribly disillusioned. Monte wisely reminded me that it’s a long game, requiring patience and persistence.

But it seems to me that to keep up the patience and persistence there has to be some innate and incredibly durable optimism in place. And my optimism was beginning to feel shaky. I could sense myself going negative, seeing ugly things with ugly eyes.

“Don’t feed into the cynicism,” said Monte. I knew it was a warning I should heed.

Because that cynicism was growing fatter and nastier the more I indulged it, and I could easily imagine it taking over. It’s already far too prevalent. And it doesn’t inspire solutions, the way idealism does. It doesn’t help anything.

So I hereby resolve not to feed it. Neither my head nor this blog will become a cynicism habitat.

And I’ll be back tomorrow with a post that I promise will not be cynical.

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