The title of the book is How Writers Grow: A Guide for Teachers by Cynthia Carbone Ward (with a foreword by Sheridan Blau). It’s a useful handbook for teachers of all grades and a wise companion for home schoolers or parents who want to play a more active role in inspiring the art and  skill of authentic writing to their children. A lovingly written testament to the importance of writing in anyone’s life, it may even replenish some wellspring within you that you hadn’t fully realized was depleted.

And now, for a little more than the price of a latté,  you can download a copy of this book for Kindle or iPad from Amazon’s Kindle shop right HERE.

A few words about the book from Sheridan Blau, award-winning educator and researcher, former Director of the South Coast Writing Project, and currently a distinguished senior lecturer at Columbia University, excerpted from his eloquent foreword:

Readers will find an inspirational teacher they will want to emulate in her passion for teaching, her compassion for her students, and in her insistence that her students accomplish more as artists and intellectuals than they ever imagined they were capable of. Readers will also find here a writer worthy of their emulation…[Cynthia’s] is a voice that is conversational yet precise, straightforward yet melodic, as if in song. And the song it sings is one that will lift all teachers to celebrate the opportunity they share to help students grow into writers who will be ready for miracles.”

Thanks to Xander Cansell for seeing the book’s value to teachers and providing the technical support necessary to present it in this readily accessible format. Thanks also to Andrea Parrish for the use of her photograph, “Beginnings” on our redesigned cover.

Want more information about what you will find inside? Here’s a helpful link to a book review by Lynn Jacobs on the National Writing Project website, which provides an excellent overview. “It is not a textbook or a recipe book,” writes Jacobs, “but a collection of ideas for developing the writers latent in all children.”

I also recently shared some thoughts about the book and why I wrote it, on my blog, right here.  I am on a mission. I truly believe in the fundamental importance of writing and the teaching of writing, and I offer up this manual from my classroom and my heart.

Finally, for those who crave the old-fashioned print version of the book, we have a few (very few) copies of those left too. While supplies last, you can still purchase the first edition, paperback copy of How Writers Grow for $8.99. Shipping is FREE within the continental U.S.

Order hard copies of the book from here:

How Writers Grow


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