Road Trip With a Mission

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a road trip to Vegas. My friend Diane and I will be doing some meandering, but our ultimate destination is the Women’s March in Las Vegas on Sunday, which as it turns out isn’t even a march, but an all-in-one-place rally. It will be a call to action that will kick-off  the #PowerToThePolls campaign, a “national voter registration tour” to target swing states, register first-time voters and get more progressive female candidates elected to office. There’s a line-up of inspiring speakers, including Congressman John Lewis, the iconic Civil Rights activist and Georgia Democrat.

And I was braced for a march, but I’m staying positive and hoping this will be a potent, peaceful event that galvanizes the kind of sustained action we will need to turn things around in the midterm elections. If we get some good representation and regain a majority in Congress we can at least keep some of the harm of the current regime in check until we can get out from under it and return to more hopeful times.  Above you can see the the sign I’m going to bring. Clearly sign-making is not among my strengths, but I think it’s good enough.

So Myrtle and Mabel are gonna do Vegas. I’ll certainly take some notes and pictures and share a few blog posts when I return.

On a personal level, I see this trip as another say-yes adventure, part of my own campaign to stay active and positive, get out and get strong, pay attention, and be filled with love and friendship and purpose.

The Grand Opening, which is what I have taken to calling my acoustic neuroma surgery, has been scheduled for next month, and I’ll let you know how that goes too. I have received a great deal of help and encouragement from others who have been through this and were willing to talk about it, so I’m going to share my experiences as well. Maybe that will help someone else.

Now, back to packing.

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