Saying Thank You


For us it was a quiet Thanksgiving Day. The ranch in its after-rain enchantment was newly green and blue-skied. We went for a walk with our very good friend. Potatoes are now baking in the oven. We want for nothing. 

I haven't been posting to this blog lately, or writing much of anything, really, but I've decided that there are periods just for listening and I'm in one now. There's a lot going on. I'm paying attention, sorting it out, and sometimes just being, with occasional bouts of middle-of-the-night panic, but those pass. I feel hopeful. And grateful.

With every beat, my heart is saying thank you.

Time to turn to a poet:

Thanks  by W.S. Merwin


with the night
falling we are saying thank you

we are stopping
on the bridges to bow from the railings

we are running
out of the glass rooms

with our mouths
full of food to look at the sky

and say thank you

we are standing
by the water thanking it

smiling by the
windows looking out

in our directions

back from a
series of hospitals back from a mugging

after funerals we
are saying thank you

after the news of
the dead

whether or not we
knew them we are saying thank you

over telephones
we are saying thank you

in doorways and
in the backs of cars and in elevators

remembering wars
and the police at the door

and the beatings
on stairs we are saying thank you

in the banks we
are saying thank you

in the faces of
the officials and the rich

and of all who
will never change

we go on saying
thank you thank you


with the animals
dying around us

our lost feelings
we are saying thank you

with the forests
falling faster than the minutes

of our lives we
are saying thank you

with the words
going out like cells of a brain

with the cities
growing over us

we are saying
thank you faster and faster

with nobody
listening we are saying thank you

we are saying
thank you and waving

dark though it is

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