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Occasionally it becomes necessary to buy new underwear. Elastic frays, fabric thins, straps break, and finally one’s listless little heap of lingerie seems sad and barely functional. This observation prompted me to take a trip to Macy’s last week, where … Continue reading

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A Constant Carol

The building above was once the home of my best friend Carol Bessey. She lived on the second floor with her parents, an older sister, and a kerry blue terrier named Sable. Her kindhearted Aunt Marie inhabited the lower apartment, … Continue reading

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Thorns and Flowers

“Your father was quite the charmer,” said the lady in my dream. Her powdered face looked at least eight decades old, her dyed reddish hair was curly and short. She was a brassy sort, but good-natured, and she managed the … Continue reading

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In 1957

I love this old snapshot; I have a framed enlargement of it on the wall and I look at it often. It was taken by my father at the Prospect Park zoo in Brooklyn, and as you can see from … Continue reading

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Memories and Delusions

The wind has been howling so hard that all intelligent thoughts have been blown from my head. But it suddenly feels like summer, and I have a lazy feeling right down to my bones that (alas!) is inconsistent with all my resolve to … Continue reading

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My Kensington Classmates: A Field Trip Into Memory’s Realm

At some point in the late 1950s (or maybe it was the beginning of the 60s) I went to the birthday party of a classmate named Janet Fechner who lived on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, not far from my grandfather’s pizzeria. … Continue reading

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