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Spencer from Sydney

It was 1971, late summer or early fall, and in my memory the day is cast in an amber kind of glow, all warm hues and soft edges. I was twenty years old, a college dropout, still snagged on some … Continue reading

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It feels so odd to say it now, but I once lived in Chicago. I moved there in 1971 to be with the medical student who was my first husband, and although I left repeatedly, it was something of a home … Continue reading

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Office Spaces

The other day I was listening to a discussion of a book called Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace by Nikil Saval.  It traces the evolution of the modern workplace as economies shifted from agriculture to industry to information-based, … Continue reading

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Just Beginning To See

This happened. It was the depths of the 1970s, and I was taking classes at the state university in Albany. One semester more and I’d have a degree, and that would mean I’d finally accomplished something, or so I’d been … Continue reading

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Those Long Strange Trips

Freddie and Rae were traveling cross-country from New York as a summer caper and invited me to join them. It was 1974. I had never been further west than Chicago and was eager to see what was out there. I … Continue reading

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