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My Mother’s Books

In her better days, my mother loved books. Often she would remove them from the bookcase at the assisted living residence and carry them back into her room with her like stolen treasures. Whether or not she read them in … Continue reading

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Melting Away Into Leaves

A few days ago I went to a gathering at El Chorro Ranch to celebrate the life of Esther Isaacson, a special lady who lived to be 102, most of those years spent in that very place. As the memorial booklet said, Esther was a … Continue reading

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Maybe All of Summer Is Just One Day

The summer light has been a progression of light, never quite dark, silvering the hills at night, whitening the sky in the early morning hours, then shooting a sunbeam directly onto my my face around 7 a.m. When I feel … Continue reading

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Thinking About Thanks and Giving

I have emerged from a tunnel, one of those keep-your-head down bouts of hard duty. I’ve written before here and elsewhere about the ongoing challenges of tending to to a very elderly parent, but every now and then it erupts into crisis, … Continue reading

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Blackbirds on a Green Lawn

My mother is still at the assisted living facility where she has resided for more than a decade, and I’m grateful that she’s been able to remain in a setting that is familiar to her, but there’s something about it that … Continue reading

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Journalist Jane Gross describes it as a “bittersweet season”, this ambiguous time of tending to an elderly parent. Referring to her own experience, she has said, “My mother and I had a very difficult relationship. I didn’t race to the … Continue reading

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At the Mailbox

Yesterday I pulled up to the mailbox at the same time as a perennially grumpy neighbor of mine. We each looked into our boxes, and mine was empty. “Nothin’ for me,” I said. “No news is good news,” said he. … Continue reading

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When I go to visit my mother at the assisted living facility in Orange County, I brace myself upon entry and try to find the bright side.  This time, the bright side was Jaime. Several of the ladies on the … Continue reading

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On Being 60-something: A Few Things I Think I’ve Learned

I hesitate to call it wisdom.  Maybe these are just reminders to myself, twenty-five little lessons accrued over time. I assure you I don’t think of myself as a sage. You can see, as a matter of fact, that the … Continue reading

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Every morning I am reminded of the general irrelevance of my personal desires when I go downstairs, coffee in hand, and survey the night’s devastation of my flowers by a couple of furry little bunnies. Rows of beheaded stems greet me, … Continue reading

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