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My mother-in-law Nancy planted the orchard in 1982, and she has tended to it for all these years, slowing down only recently. (She is, after all, ninety-three years old; that’s her above in the 1990s.) This year, heat and drought … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Loss

We had a pine tree growing near our house for nearly twenty years. I was used to seeing it through the bedroom window bathed in the light of new morning, and now and then, at the cusp of night, with … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

The Thomas Fire is raging to the south of us with no end in sight. The air is filled with smoke and ash, and we have friends who have been evacuated. These are anxious times. But until I have some … Continue reading

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Thinking Loudly

I still feel like I’ve been thrust into a nightmare from which I cannot awaken, a nightmare in which a familiar landscape is suddenly changed, people you thought you knew are transformed into aliens, fundamentals you believed in with all your … Continue reading

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Time Change

Yesterday was the end of Daylight Savings time, reminding us that the names we bestow upon the hours are arbitrary, but it does seem to mark a shift. Darkness is gathering a little too soon, and in the gloaming I see the … Continue reading

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My sixty-fifth birthday yesterday surprised me by being wonderful, ranking right up there with my tenth and thirty-fifth as a favorite. I felt loved and indulged, and I gave myself a break from analyzing whether or not I deserved it. … Continue reading

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And It Changes

POEM by Barry Spacks Will it come again like this? Will we ever get it right? It is always as it is, And it passes. Never as it was, Yet always somehow bright, Always somehow sweet In its changes. We … Continue reading

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Whose Brooklyn?

This morning Monte sent me a link to this article from the New York Times about Brooklyn. It’s something I have thought about often, how cities are organic, how they change over time as cultures develop and demographics shift and different … Continue reading

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