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Out There

I spent all of yesterday hiking in the Los Padres National Forest with Monte and our friend Michael. We walked by a stream and then uphill for miles in bright sun along a narrow brushy trail. The air was fragrant … Continue reading

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In The Peaceful Valley

When we first moved to Santa Barbara County, we lived for a year or so in a little  apartment on a horse ranch on the outskirts of Solvang, and we used to enjoy wandering from there through miles of fields … Continue reading

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The Immensity

I have often felt there is a lack of ceremony in my life, that rites of passage to mark transitions are missing. Difficult events exert their crushing weight without the emotional release some kind of ritual might have provided, and the … Continue reading

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 “It seems certain that most of the paintings in the Chumash area were the creation of the shamans and were for the ceremonial use of particular regional groups,” wrote Campbell Grant in The Rock Paintings of the Chumash. “The smaller pictograph … Continue reading

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At the Mission

I decided to go to a lecture at the Santa Barbara Mission this afternoon. The speaker, an anthropologist named John Johnson, would be talking about Chumash life at the Mission as gleaned from original documents and letters found in the … Continue reading

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Good Things That Quietly Continue

I am paying attention to the good things that quietly continue. Last week it was the miracle of the bees in the broken oak, their humbling industry, the breathtaking perfection of the hexagonal pattern of their honeycomb, their very astonishing presence. A few … Continue reading

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