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Ranch Girls In Paris

While we were in Paris, we met up with a childhood friend of Miranda’s named Katie who is now a student here. These two were California ranch girls, and it’s so interesting to see what impressive young women they have … Continue reading

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A Palmier Moment

Picture a window in a fourth floor apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a tall narrow window that opens like a door to a ledge bound by a wrought iron rail. The ledge is almost a balcony, and I … Continue reading

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Summer Settles In: A Re-Run

Summer is upon us. It’s been cool and foggy here at the coast, burning off by afternoon, daylight’s glare fading gradually until it all turns into magic, the broad white lingering sky that comes between sunset and darkness at this … Continue reading

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On This Day Fourteen Years Ago

In 2001 I went through the Summer Institute of the South Coast Writing Project, diligently free-writing for a half-hour daily in my laptop journal. The files are still right here. I just clicked them open, turned to this date, and found the following entry: … Continue reading

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Maybe All of Summer Is Just One Day

The summer light has been a progression of light, never quite dark, silvering the hills at night, whitening the sky in the early morning hours, then shooting a sunbeam directly onto my my face around 7 a.m. When I feel … Continue reading

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A Song For Miranda

And, here’s a fragment of a song sung by Stornoway(!) for our daughter. I’m so glad I had the presence of mind to record even just a moment or two, ’cause it was pretty special.

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Thoughts At Our Daughter’s Wedding

The following are the main excerpts from the speech Monte and I gave at our daughter’s wedding. Several friends have asked that we share it, and why not? I’m proud of it, because as any parent knows, there’s a poignant aspect even to … Continue reading

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A Brightness

This is the way it is: You walk along feeling reasonably engaged in the present, looking at things, just being in the world…and then something terribly sad appears in your head and you’re suddenly not here anymore. You feel that if … Continue reading

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You Be The Mother

In a moment I want to share another poem by Marie Howe, one I think should be required reading for every parent.  It certainly brought back memories of my own little girl back in days that were more precious and … Continue reading

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The Boring Old Hermits

In the 1950s there were fireworks on summer nights at Coney Island, and my father took my siblings and me to watch them from a Brooklyn neighborhood a couple of miles away. We stood along the curb together, filled with … Continue reading

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