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It was a night of colorful dreaming. My trusty bicycle was somehow run over by a truck and lay bent and broken on the ground, but Monte picked it up and straightened it out, and then for some reason my … Continue reading

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Vivid Dreams, Vivid Waking

The night before last I slept long and soundly, and I am someone who views a good night’s sleep as quite a happy accomplishment. I even dreamed, and as usual I remember the dreams only as an irrational and inconclusive … Continue reading

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Sunday Plans

Last night I seriously slept, unassisted by even a flake of pharmaceutical. And I dreamed in two distinct installments. In one I crouched behind a rock and witnessed a mountain lion skulking around; in the other, I was adjusting the … Continue reading

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From The Far Side of the Ocean

Our lodging is the attic room of an apartment in Oxford, a room we know well, having stayed here several times before. There is a low slanted ceiling, a narrow window overlooking streets and back yards, a few quirky little … Continue reading

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Altering Course

Last week, a road runner came to visit. He sauntered about the deck, with now and then a little burst of flight, landing on the table, and an overturned chair, and the stucco wall that overlooks the orchard. He was … Continue reading

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Risking Delight

Last night I went to sleep all on my own, without taking even a flake of Ambien, which lately has come to feel like an accomplishment, and my head rewarded me with a series of weird vivid dreams. In one … Continue reading

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Leaving Dream-Island

Sometimes a dream just stays with you, and this one did. It was a dream of green hills, our local ranch and farm land the way it is for a brief period after winter rain, green grass gleaming. I was … Continue reading

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On Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was teaching again, or rather, expected to teach. I was trying to pull myself together somehow, hiding on the other side of a big grassy field that was already noisy and colorful with children. … Continue reading

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Enter The Tiger

I woke up tired. It was the tiger’s fault. He had abruptly presented himself to me in my dream, a huge responsibility that I was not prepared to deal with. He had somehow entered my kitchen, not my real-life, current kitchen … Continue reading

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That Recurring Dream in Which I Return to My Childhood Home

Why do I keep going back there? It isn’t as though there are lost idyllic days to be retrieved. Why am I even writing about it? Only because I dreamed it again last night and its residue is clinging to my consciousness at … Continue reading

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