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Still Going

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend Cornelia. It required that we climb a few hills, face down a brisk wind, thrash through brush and foxtails, step gingerly along bumpy uneven ground, and even clamber up a creek bank once, holding onto … Continue reading

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Despite A Pall That’s Fallen On All

The Santa Ynez Valley women hikers ascended Gaviota Peak last week, looked out upon fog as thick and white as a field of snow below, then walked beneath a trestle of blooming ceanothus as we came down Trespass Trail. There are wildflowers … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and I chose to spend it hiking in the Santa Barbara mountains with some very strong women. A couple of us sported red tops, whether by chance or intent, but we didn’t make proclamations, talk about politics, or … Continue reading

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Arroyo Hondo Foray

Yesterday we enjoyed a showery stroll through the 782-acre Arroyo Hondo Preserve managed by the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. To the left is a colorful relief map of the canyon, which features impressive rock formations and many layers … Continue reading

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Saturday, Abed

That’s the view of Lake Cachuma (yes, its water level is alarmingly low) from Tequepis Trail the other day. The trail is an 8-mile round trip that climbs up the north side of the Santa Ynez Mountains, with about a … Continue reading

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Easter Walk

I suppose there are many ways to celebrate Easter Sunday, but for me the chosen mode yesterday was a walk up to Gaviota Peak. I was lucky enough to receive a spontaneous invitation from an old friend, Dave, who was … Continue reading

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Trigger Finger

Yesterday I went for a hike with the Santa Ynez
Valley Women Hikers, a group started thirty-five years ago by the amazing Lloyd
 Mills. It was fun being with such a spirited group of women — I must say there
are some … Continue reading

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  We decided to meet at Vista de Las Cruces, the school where I first taught, and walk through the state park from there. But first I showed V. around the deserted campus, pointing out the bronze plaque at the … Continue reading

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