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A Different Kind of Loss

We had a pine tree growing near our house for nearly twenty years. I was used to seeing it through the bedroom window bathed in the light of new morning, and now and then, at the cusp of night, with … Continue reading

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I Have Seen A Manatee

I wrote this several years ago, but I’ve decided to share it here on this Thanksgiving. It is the day after Thanksgiving and we have gathered on a wooden pier at the Indian River near Palm Bay Florida in the … Continue reading

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There Was No Map

He was my brother, and the country of childhood was a tangled one, fraught with discord and shadowed by mystery. Dangers loomed, whether real or imagined, and tranquil moments could not entirely be trusted, for they were as delicate as … Continue reading

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The Rain and The Light

And now it has been two years. One night I dreamed that I was standing on a grassy hilltop with her and one of my girlfriends, our silhouettes framed against a wide blank sky. She looked more as she did … Continue reading

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How’s that for a title? Not fun…but I’ve been trying to get a better handle on my attitudes about this subject. I guess you could say it’s part of the bereavement process, and it occurs to me suddenly that “process” is … Continue reading

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Maybe All of Summer Is Just One Day

The summer light has been a progression of light, never quite dark, silvering the hills at night, whitening the sky in the early morning hours, then shooting a sunbeam directly onto my my face around 7 a.m. When I feel … Continue reading

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Through the Tall Grass

A sturdy little coyote pup is beginning his life this summer, feeling quite at home at the edge of the orchard, sunning himself on the hillside, scampering out of sight with frisky effortless grace if we appear. He…or perhaps it’s a … Continue reading

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Look Closely

Everything healthy in me says to be present right here and stop looking back. Look closely, look up, kneel down if you want and look deep within, but enough already of looking back, at least until it is no longer an … Continue reading

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February 2 is significant to me, for it was the day I rolled into California 33 years ago and began a new life here. It’s also Candlemas, which in Christian tradition commemorates the presentation of the baby Jesus into the temple of Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I faced the difficult task of clearing out my mother’s room. Her familiar clothes were hanging in the closet, and I knew which were her favorites and the provenance of each.  The drawers were brimming with beads and broken watches, eyeglasses … Continue reading

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