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Wild and Precious

I walked through the canyon this morning in its after-storm chaos. The creek is now a muddy, roaring river, strewn with big chunks of debris. I contemplated crossing where it tumbles over the road by the neighbors’ house, but I … Continue reading

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Vivid Dreams, Vivid Waking

The night before last I slept long and soundly, and I am someone who views a good night’s sleep as quite a happy accomplishment. I even dreamed, and as usual I remember the dreams only as an irrational and inconclusive … Continue reading

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Gnomes and Ghosts and Other Things

We went on a road trip with our friends Kit and Beverly and spent two nights in a pair of Airstream trailers. The one Monte and I stayed in was like a tin can, its interior metal walls left mostly bare except for … Continue reading

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Journal Page from Thursday

How you stand here is important. How you listen for the next things to happen. How you breathe.   (William Stafford) “How you fall is also important,” says my friend Nyuol, who is twenty-six but very wise. “If you fall, … Continue reading

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Melting Away Into Leaves

A few days ago I went to a gathering at El Chorro Ranch to celebrate the life of Esther Isaacson, a special lady who lived to be 102, most of those years spent in that very place. As the memorial booklet said, Esther was a … Continue reading

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Make of Yourself A Light

The day is eerily warm and still. The sky is blushing with the residue of dawn and the sea looks layered: horizontally striped in hues of blue from inky dark to nearly silver. While much of the country is enduring bitter cold, here … Continue reading

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An Evening with Mary Oliver: Who Can Open the Door Who Does Not Reach for the Latch?

Last night I went to hear Mary Oliver read her poems to a sold-out audience at UCSB. Sold out…and there were quite a few folks hanging around in the hopes of finding a stray seat. It does my heart good … Continue reading

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