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A Palmier Moment

Picture a window in a fourth floor apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a tall narrow window that opens like a door to a ledge bound by a wrought iron rail. The ledge is almost a balcony, and I … Continue reading

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Gnomes and Ghosts and Other Things

We went on a road trip with our friends Kit and Beverly and spent two nights in a pair of Airstream trailers. The one Monte and I stayed in was like a tin can, its interior metal walls left mostly bare except for … Continue reading

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Spencer from Sydney

It was 1971, late summer or early fall, and in my memory the day is cast in an amber kind of glow, all warm hues and soft edges. I was twenty years old, a college dropout, still snagged on some … Continue reading

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Mysteries of Her Own

I’m gradually going through the contents of The Trunk of Pain in the garage, a task I’ve been postponing for decades. (And let me tell you, it takes fortitude!) Monte found me sitting there sobbing the other morning, having come … Continue reading

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Journalist Jane Gross describes it as a “bittersweet season”, this ambiguous time of tending to an elderly parent. Referring to her own experience, she has said, “My mother and I had a very difficult relationship. I didn’t race to the … Continue reading

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The Future

The World’s Fair came to New York in 1964, and a few of us skipped school to check it out, among them my friend Bob. We watched atoms collide at the General Electric exhibit, journeyed into space in the Hall of … Continue reading

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On My Father’s Birthday

I’ve written about him again and again. Type “father” in the search box of this blog, and you’ll see what I mean. But March 29 is his birthday, and I can’t let it go without acknowledgement. He would have been … Continue reading

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This picture was taken around 1974 at the sandy shore of a lake in South Carolina. I am standing with my friend’s father, a native Texan with the wonderful name of Jordan Clarence, and if you look really close you … Continue reading

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Shifting Light

It was a bright night washed in moonbeams to an almost daytime shine, and I was tumbled into wakefulness when the rumble of a distant train unleashed the agitated voices of a caucus of coyotes. I closed my eyes and an image came … Continue reading

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