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My Mother’s Books

In her better days, my mother loved books. Often she would remove them from the bookcase at the assisted living residence and carry them back into her room with her like stolen treasures. Whether or not she read them in … Continue reading

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Summer Settles In: A Re-Run

Summer is upon us. It’s been cool and foggy here at the coast, burning off by afternoon, daylight’s glare fading gradually until it all turns into magic, the broad white lingering sky that comes between sunset and darkness at this … Continue reading

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Permission Granted

The weather was a steady curtain of mist and drizzle interspersed with flashes of  sunlight. And rainbows. Rainbows, plural, yes. I had hitched a ride with Monte to the beach, and while he surfed, I walked home. The tide was low, … Continue reading

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Mysteries of Her Own

I’m gradually going through the contents of The Trunk of Pain in the garage, a task I’ve been postponing for decades. (And let me tell you, it takes fortitude!) Monte found me sitting there sobbing the other morning, having come … Continue reading

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Yesterday I faced the difficult task of clearing out my mother’s room. Her familiar clothes were hanging in the closet, and I knew which were her favorites and the provenance of each.  The drawers were brimming with beads and broken watches, eyeglasses … Continue reading

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I am on a bridge from one part of my life to the next. I don’t even know all the ways in which things will seem different when I return, but they surely will. Until then, I am in exile, and … Continue reading

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i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart) Esther Bitensky Carbone  April 25, 1923 – January 4, 2015

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