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In A Land of Enchantment

It rained all through the night and into the morning, and everything is different. The road is shining like a river now. The canyon is fragrant. Tiny blades of green have suddenly erupted, and the leaves are dripping and glittering … Continue reading

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My sixty-fifth birthday yesterday surprised me by being wonderful, ranking right up there with my tenth and thirty-fifth as a favorite. I felt loved and indulged, and I gave myself a break from analyzing whether or not I deserved it. … Continue reading

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Snap Out of It

Yesterday we awoke to a world newly washed and muddy and green, a downright iridescent green at times. It was truly dazzling, although brisk and windy, an invigorating in-your-face kind of day that grabbed me and said, “Snap out of it!”  So I’ve snapped … Continue reading

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A Walk to the Seawall in Rain

We walked to the seawall in a light rain today. The beach has changed. Dunes and cliffs are scoured and eroded. Instead of soft sand, there were stretches of rocks and broken shells… intermingled, unfortunately, with bits of plastic trash, ubiquitous and … Continue reading

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To Somehow Find Our Way

Tomorrow will mark a year since my mother’s death. I am absolutely a different person now than I was a year ago and that’s all I want to say about that, which is probably a relief to readers of this … Continue reading

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Rain Came Through

Here it is, just beginning. The road is wet, my glasses were beaded with droplets, and I wish I could somehow post the way it smelled. Welcome, rain. We have yearned for you.

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Change of Scene

Change of scenery, change in the weather, change in routine, all much needed. We escaped for three days, hiking with good friends at Big Sur and at Pinnacles National Park, where the above photo was taken, and we have come home feeling refreshed. One evening … Continue reading

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Rainbows and A Rocket Launch

Yesterday I was happy, in the way that happiness comes over you and takes you by surprise if you don’t scare it off by shifting your mind to shadow thoughts and beating up on yourself as usual. There had been hard … Continue reading

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It’s Raining

Rain has come.  All day it was pending, promising, pushing towards us slowly, but we were never confident, having been so long without it. In the morning I walked up Gaviota Peak with my friend Kelley, and we had no need … Continue reading

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Right as Rain

 We’ve finally had some welcome rain. A light steady drumbeat most of yesterday, clearing by evening, as you see above, and more of it today. It was in fact a perfect Saturday, once I decided to linger in bed reading … Continue reading

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