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It’s Raining

Rain has come.  All day it was pending, promising, pushing towards us slowly, but we were never confident, having been so long without it. In the morning I walked up Gaviota Peak with my friend Kelley, and we had no need … Continue reading

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Right as Rain

 We’ve finally had some welcome rain. A light steady drumbeat most of yesterday, clearing by evening, as you see above, and more of it today. It was in fact a perfect Saturday, once I decided to linger in bed reading … Continue reading

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The Greening

Sometimes I feel as though we’re in the midst of tumbling off the edge, free-falling into environmental catastrophe, and we need to turn ourselves around somehow and swim ourselves back up. If I can figure out how it’s done, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Sideways Rain Has Come

Now we are getting some serious weather, after days of warnings and dramatic predictions. Batten down the hedges! Here we go! El Niño! On Saturday we clomped around in our rubber boots, clearing some broken pipe from the creek below the house, then checking … Continue reading

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Rain Walk

  Today was our first rain walk of the season. The hard steady rain of yesterday had abated and instead we had what weathermen would call “showers, heavy at times” with windows of sunlight between and concurrently.   My very first … Continue reading

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It’s a brand new era and we even have some yearned for and refreshing rain. Yesterday it pooled on old wooden chairs and dashed itself against the windshield as I drove. It awoke the fragrance of the chaparral and muddied up the roads and … Continue reading

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