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Thinking Loudly

I still feel like I’ve been thrust into a nightmare from which I cannot awaken, a nightmare in which a familiar landscape is suddenly changed, people you thought you knew are transformed into aliens, fundamentals you believed in with all your … Continue reading

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It is a profoundly painful and sickening moment. I guess I didn’t understand the country that I live in. I honestly thought we were better than this. How do we face our children tomorrow? I expected to be feeling proud, … Continue reading

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Time Change

Yesterday was the end of Daylight Savings time, reminding us that the names we bestow upon the hours are arbitrary, but it does seem to mark a shift. Darkness is gathering a little too soon, and in the gloaming I see the … Continue reading

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Reflections and Consolations

One evening when we were in Lisbon (which in itself sounds so very romantic and amazing to me) I decided to stay in the apartment by myself and take a bath while the others went out for dinner. It was a … Continue reading

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3:54 a.m.

It is 3:54 a.m. I have a cold, there’s a metallic taste in my mouth, and my throat hurts. I wish we had some orange juice. Sometimes my mother woke me up for school by touching a cool glass of … Continue reading

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