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Having Had My Chain Yanked

I was upstairs in my little room, lying on a yoga mat with the intent of stretching and meditating, but really just lying on a yoga mat. Suddenly I had the sensation that I was not alone, and there on … Continue reading

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She Hums Along

Walking down the hall to the shared bathroom in the morning with my toilet kit in hand, I had a déjà vu sensation that it was 1970, and I was living in a college dorm. When I entered the bathroom, two … Continue reading

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Status Report

One day when I thought I was more or less fine, a feeling of sadness came over me, a sadness so big it might swallow me up, and an unabiding loneliness. The sadness was familiar, but the loneliness was odd, because … Continue reading

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Ever Widening Circles

Yesterday I came upon a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke that brought me immeasurable comfort, a strange sense of connection across time and space, as though the very things in me that seemed incomprehensible and sad had already been experienced, expressed, and … Continue reading

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