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Vivid Dreams, Vivid Waking

The night before last I slept long and soundly, and I am someone who views a good night’s sleep as quite a happy accomplishment. I even dreamed, and as usual I remember the dreams only as an irrational and inconclusive … Continue reading

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In A Land of Enchantment

It rained all through the night and into the morning, and everything is different. The road is shining like a river now. The canyon is fragrant. Tiny blades of green have suddenly erupted, and the leaves are dripping and glittering … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

The Thomas Fire is raging to the south of us with no end in sight. The air is filled with smoke and ash, and we have friends who have been evacuated. These are anxious times. But until I have some … Continue reading

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It was almost like a dance, wending my way toward the center along a path that sometimes seemed to be taking me ever further away, spinning within the spinning of the world, and therefore feeling still. At the start was … Continue reading

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At The Sea Wall

The heat radiated from the stones and sand and sapped us of our energy. Even our talk was lazy…inconsequential comments, meandering thoughts, broken bits of memory. Oh, sometimes we were serious as we two are prone to be, but we also talked about the … Continue reading

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Saturday, Abed

That’s the view of Lake Cachuma (yes, its water level is alarmingly low) from Tequepis Trail the other day. The trail is an 8-mile round trip that climbs up the north side of the Santa Ynez Mountains, with about a … Continue reading

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At the Mission

I decided to go to a lecture at the Santa Barbara Mission this afternoon. The speaker, an anthropologist named John Johnson, would be talking about Chumash life at the Mission as gleaned from original documents and letters found in the … Continue reading

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Through A Rainbow

Is the appearance of a rainbow sufficient reason for its own special blog post? I think yesterday’s was. My credentials: seasoned sky-watcher, cloud connoisseur, and constant rainbow seeker. I assure you this rainbow was extraordinary, and although no words or pictures can do … Continue reading

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Feeling Like A Leaf

It is a vintage summer evening in Santa Barbara and I drive along the 101 listening to the seventies at seven while the ashy sky glows and the Zaca Fire rages on. 105,000 acres of dry brush and conifer are … Continue reading

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