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A Favorite Tree

When I was in grade school, one of my most memorable homework assignments was to choose a tree and watch it over time. We were to draw a picture of it in a notebook, observe bark, branch, and leaf, note … Continue reading

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In The Peaceful Valley

When we first moved to Santa Barbara County, we lived for a year or so in a little  apartment on a horse ranch on the outskirts of Solvang, and we used to enjoy wandering from there through miles of fields … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and I chose to spend it hiking in the Santa Barbara mountains with some very strong women. A couple of us sported red tops, whether by chance or intent, but we didn’t make proclamations, talk about politics, or … Continue reading

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Misty Walk

Grass Mountain on a Sunday morning in February. I’d show you some views, but as you can see, there weren’t any.  We walked through clouds and sometimes downright rain. It was chilly at times, and muddy too. Oh well. Once … Continue reading

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Grass Mountain

I’ve looked up at that familiar mountain for many years and finally hiked it today with Steve and Monte. It’s not a particularly high peak…3685 feet at the summit…but it’s lovely and distinctive, and  hiking to the top seemed like … Continue reading

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Keep Growing Quietly

An old man was watching me work on my scarf as we sat side by side in a waiting room this morning. “When I was a little boy in Denmark,” he said, “I used to hold out my hands for … Continue reading

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Saturday, Abed

That’s the view of Lake Cachuma (yes, its water level is alarmingly low) from Tequepis Trail the other day. The trail is an 8-mile round trip that climbs up the north side of the Santa Ynez Mountains, with about a … Continue reading

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Pending…and Complete

At midnight, the stars were glittering like sequins. There was a light on in the house next door. All the windows were open, but the air was still and summer-warm. I thought about the snow falling on the East coast, … Continue reading

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Trigger Finger

Yesterday I went for a hike with the Santa Ynez
Valley Women Hikers, a group started thirty-five years ago by the amazing Lloyd
 Mills. It was fun being with such a spirited group of women — I must say there
are some … Continue reading

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Head Wind

It was a bright and blustery day that had the proverbial feeling of March in its leonine entry mode. I rode my bicycle in the valley, straight into a head wind, working harder than I thought I’d have to, but it was fun. … Continue reading

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