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Upright and Mobile

 Late in the day I loaded up some podcasts, grabbed my hat and trusty walking stick, and went for a stroll on the road. The sun was slipping fast into the sea and the light was turning golden, a gentle … Continue reading

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Nyuol Lueth Tong’s Perpetual Homecoming

This is the most recent interview I’ve done for The Living Stories Collective, the ongoing oral history project and website that I told readers about earlier here. I’ve decided to share it on this blog in addition to the LSC website … Continue reading

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Leaving Dream-Island

Sometimes a dream just stays with you, and this one did. It was a dream of green hills, our local ranch and farm land the way it is for a brief period after winter rain, green grass gleaming. I was … Continue reading

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Why We Tell Stories

WHY WE TELL STORIES by Lisel Mueller 1 Because we used to have leaves and on damp days our muscles feel a tug, painful now, from when roots pulled us into the ground and because our children believe they can … Continue reading

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The Salute

We were sitting in the coffee shop in Lompoc this morning when our old friend Dick Jacoby wandered in.  I love running into Dick–he always has a twinkle in his eye and a story to share. Somehow we got on … Continue reading

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A Table for Two, A Bed of Kelp

On my third day at the writers’ conference, I parked myself at a rear table in the hotel restaurant, planning to tap at my computer or peruse the schedule or maybe just sit there and think while enjoying a salad in … Continue reading

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