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Walking Home

And who is that woman picking up feathers and broken bits of abalone shells and the thoughtlessly tossed plastic bottles that she will carry to the proper bin, futile though it is, annoyed and trying not to touch the mouths? … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

In the night we keep the windows open, and I can hear a train chuffing along, preceded by a ruckus of coyotes, and I’m hot and sweaty, my head filled with words and no sense. I wish I could either … Continue reading

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It was a last-minute invitation, and I said yes. My friend Linette and her sister Luanne were driving up to Oregon to see the total eclipse. There would be one overnight stop in Gilroy, where Linette’s sister-in-law lives, onward to … Continue reading

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Summer Nights Through Screened Windows

I write too much about people and memories. This morning, in the thick of the oddly tropical weather we’ve been having, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from brooding. I shall lazily meander here instead, even while my “daily action” … Continue reading

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Our Smallness, and the Greatness of Our Love

It’s Saturday. Here’s a beautiful poem by Wendell Berry: On summer evenings we sat in the yard, the house dark, the stars bright overhead. The laps and arms of the old held the young. As we talked we knew by … Continue reading

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Summer Settles In: A Re-Run

Summer is upon us. It’s been cool and foggy here at the coast, burning off by afternoon, daylight’s glare fading gradually until it all turns into magic, the broad white lingering sky that comes between sunset and darkness at this … Continue reading

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I posted the following on this day seven years ago, and I’m re-posting it now because it’s pretty much exactly still true. That’s how life is around here, especially in summer. Timeless. Seamless. As Jane Hollister Wheelwright once told me, “There’s no … Continue reading

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Maybe All of Summer Is Just One Day

The summer light has been a progression of light, never quite dark, silvering the hills at night, whitening the sky in the early morning hours, then shooting a sunbeam directly onto my my face around 7 a.m. When I feel … Continue reading

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Oh This Heat

This heat. This miserable heat. On Monday, I finally mustered up the determination to go for a walk. My stalwart friend Cornelia came over and the two of us trudged up the canyon, across a ridge, and down to the beach. Then she went for … Continue reading

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Pause. Fast Forward. Pause.

I’ve been enjoying that bright broad-faced full buck moon rising above the sea with such aplomb, beaming into my window at night, spilling its extravagant light all over us. I’m delighted too by the singing of the canyon wren, sometimes … Continue reading

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