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In A Cave, Story-Talking

This is Mr. Brownell, and if you had him as a teacher, you were a lucky kid. He always knew that the best classroom of all was the great outdoors, and that the old hands-on skills and fundamental values were … Continue reading

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A Favorite Tree

When I was in grade school, one of my most memorable homework assignments was to choose a tree and watch it over time. We were to draw a picture of it in a notebook, observe bark, branch, and leaf, note … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Sky Horses Go Unwritten

Maybe this post is for teachers. Or maybe it’s for someone out there who now and then feels the urge to write, even if just a few scribbled words in a journal.  All I want to say about it is … Continue reading

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I Will Wave From the Shore Blowing Kisses

I just finished my three-month substitute teaching job, a brief foray back into Middle School World. It had been two years since I retired, and I had gotten very spoiled in my life as a free wheeling free-lancer. Monte helped me with my decision. … Continue reading

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Afternoon Electives

On Thursday, I hula hooped. I was amazed at how effortlessly it came back to me, and how good it felt. Donna and I were teaching an afternoon elective class about the 1960s, and she had heard that that the … Continue reading

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