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Sea Grass

Yesterday we could see a smudge of smoke  along the horizon to the south, but the air on shore was relatively clear and fresh, and we went to the beach for a walk at low tide. It wasn’t just low … Continue reading

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My Own Particular Dilemma

Today we drove south past scorched hills and distant flames and headed for Los Angeles, where the air, by contrast, was surprisingly clear and fresh. We had coffee in a little place in Koreatown, walked across the street to admire … Continue reading

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While The World Is on Fire

My dear friend Cornelia came very close to losing her house in the Thomas Fire this week. A sequence of text messages and pictures attests to the drama: fear and uncertainty, her husband’s vigilant presence, flames roaring in the hills … Continue reading

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Fire Light

Yesterday I walked up the canyon wearing a cowboy hat and a breathing mask, toting a pink bag with a birthday present for our neighbor’s two-year-old daughter. There was something comical about it, but also surreal. The landscape glowed in … Continue reading

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