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Raving With The Ravens

Having returned late the previous night from a brief sojourn south, I decided to go for an early morning walk up the canyon to clear my mind. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to step outside and be in … Continue reading

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Still Going

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend Cornelia. It required that we climb a few hills, face down a brisk wind, thrash through brush and foxtails, step gingerly along bumpy uneven ground, and even clamber up a creek bank once, holding onto … Continue reading

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What We Need Is Here

The mountain lion meandered along the ridge, aware of us but unconcerned. We had seen a bobcat earlier, and the differences were clear. The lion had a larger body, a longer tail, and a different kind of gait, more leisurely and … Continue reading

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Snap Out of It

Yesterday we awoke to a world newly washed and muddy and green, a downright iridescent green at times. It was truly dazzling, although brisk and windy, an invigorating in-your-face kind of day that grabbed me and said, “Snap out of it!”  So I’ve snapped … Continue reading

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Searching for Wisdom With Time Out for Orange Juice

My morning began with fresh-squeezed orange juice that I sipped standing in front of the kitchen window while watching the rain and green-ing hills. Those little oranges may look puny and bruised, but they are sweet and good and plentiful. I … Continue reading

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A Walk to the Seawall in Rain

We walked to the seawall in a light rain today. The beach has changed. Dunes and cliffs are scoured and eroded. Instead of soft sand, there were stretches of rocks and broken shells… intermingled, unfortunately, with bits of plastic trash, ubiquitous and … Continue reading

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A Girl With A Suitcase

I’m fond of these little girls, watched from a distance as they pretend, conspire, and tell each other secrets. They come as they are, or however they feel like being. An outfit built around a frilly mesh skirt with pink tights serves just as … Continue reading

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That Little Flame That Tells You Who You Are

And now it’s October. This morning we actually had a few moments of rain…a brief passing shower, almost like a figment of our imagination, just enough to get a fleeting whiff of the way rain smells. The deck was christened with a … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk

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Clouds and Ceanothus

Today I walked up to Gaviota Peak and down Trespass Trail with the ladies of the Santa Ynez hiking group. It was the first hike I’ve been on since the season of sad unfurled, and it was reassuring and good. Here’s our winter … Continue reading

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