The Green Ball

The other day as I walked solo on the beach I came upon a large, green, very bouncy beach ball snagged in the kelp, about to be pulled out to sea to become pollution. I heroically ventured into the damp water’s edge and pulled it out, then kicked it along as I walked. Sometimes it bounced a bit and went far. Sometimes it started rolling back into the water and I had to run after it. This went on for quite a while. I suddenly had a purpose. What’s more, I suddenly realized I was having fun chasing the green ball. Actual fun! Then followed the realization that I need more frivolity and play in my life. I gave the ball to the first kid I saw, a girl who was thrilled to have it, whose mom said they’d bring it home and make sure it didn’t end up in the ocean. But here’s to fun. I want some more of that.

I must be getting better…right?

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  1. Laura says:

    Lovely, so lovely to hear. Good thoughts and energies have been winging toward you for these past months. So glad to hear the sap is rising inside you again. Thanks for the really profound words from your friend, quoted in your last entry. I’m savoring them too.

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