Wide Open Day

Rain has returned, and in a good way, with intermittent breaks. I’ve been walking up the muddy canyon, listening to the yearned-for liquid sound of running creeks. Everything is green again, and flowing, and growing, and the world is urging us not to give up. I’d almost forgotten the urgency of listening.

I’ve been feeling so much better that I was beginning to resume my old habit of rushing around, being “busy”, no pauses for rest or reflection. I’m interested and exuberant, and these are good qualities, but the rain and its aftermath have reminded me that I also need to slow down sometimes and take stock. Call me crazy, but I’ve been hearing whisperings in the wind and murmurings in the brook that need to be deciphered and heeded.

And today, as my friend Vickie described it, is a Wide Open Day. I am headed out into its wide open spaces and possible places.

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