Old Friends and Bicycles

teresa and bikeThere were moments of indecision, the basic question being whether to stick to the known and easy route or to try something different.

“How lost can we get?!” said Chris.

The actual answer: not very. There’s a big ocean on one side, and you can roll down to it eventually. I suppose the underlying issue in this case was how hard were we willing to work.

“Let’s just do everything!” said Teresa, with her usual exuberance.

It’s difficult to say no to Teresa. I watch her pedaling along with her hands in the air, doing figure eights down the middle of the road, turning everything into a dance.

But there were a few long climbs, as there always will be.

Don’t give up,” said Donna. “Just change gears.”

We are all making the necessary shifts these days.
donna ridingSo enjoy the ride. And during those inevitable stretches that are the opposite of fun, just keep going through the motions as best you can.

It’s a matter of blind faith sometimes.
by the sea

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1 Response to Old Friends and Bicycles

  1. Skip says:

    Looks like a beautiful day for a girls ride at the Ranch.
    So cool to see friends from 30+ years ago still enjoying riding bikes together !
    Keep riding.

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